#everydayinspiration-Day 2 “Write a list”

So, yesterday I wrote about the reason why I write. While today, according to Blogging U, I will write a list. I chose to write about “Things I like” instead of “Things I’ve learned”, “Things I wish” and “Things I’m good at”.

Umm… It’s a bit difficult to list all the things that I like but I should start from something.
Okay, here I go, starting from the basics and then continuing to other things:

  1. I like food. No, pardon me. I LOVE FOOD! And, to be honest it’s essential to live, right? 😛
  2. I like those moments before sleeping, because then is the perfect time to create some “masterpieces” in my mind. I can make up everything that I wish, and I always rememember where to continue the next night. I’m a totally weirdo, I know that 😛
  3. I like coffee. A lot. I’m actually addicted to that so I don’t know if this should be considered or not.
  4. I like reading a lot of books. Currently, I’m reading “Men who hate women” by Stieg Larsson, part of the Millenium series.
  5. I like writing and I love this blog and my facebook page “Miss Independent”. (Yep, inspired from Ne-Yo’s song)
  6. I like translating. I have begun translating Princess Academy series by Shannon Hale.
  7. Cars. Fast ones. *wink wink*
  8. I like music, especially latinos. My perfect cure for moody days.
  9. I like dancing but when I’m alone especially.
  10. I like crosswords but I don’t excel in that 😛
  11. I like winter. It makes me feel alive when almost everything is literally dead.
  12. I like Christmas. A LOT!
  13. I like thunderstorms. They fulfill me. Though sometimes I’m scared af 😛
  14. I like mountains rather than sea.
  15. I like small cottages in the countryside. Oh, the peacefulness!
  16. I like shooting stars. Childish, but I always make a wish when I see one of them.
  17. I like photography. I don’t like much to be photographed though. My Instagram account has 600+ posts but you’ll find more selfies.
  18. If I had to list something I like about my features, I would choose my eyes, my smile and my dimples.
  19. I like “quarreling” with my sister. 😛 she is so cute when she is angry 😛
  20. I like my mum’s good-morning-and-good-night-kiss.
  21. I like talking to myself when I’m alone. Maybe, I don’t like being alone and that’s why I want somebody to converse to.
  22. I like making a lot of presents to my dear ones.
  23. I actually like studying and learning new things though I’m considered a bit of lazy-ass 😛
  24. I like lipsticks. It doesn’t matter the colour.
  25. I love roses. Red or blue it doesn’t matter.
  26. I like learning new languages. I want to start Italian or French this September.
  27. I like birthdays, although I’m getting older each passing year 😛
  28. I totally forgot :O I LOVE CHEESE.
  29. I like chocolates.
  30. I like technology.


I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂


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