#everydayinspiration – Day 3 “One-Word Inspiration”

Hi there guys,
Hope you all are doing well.

So, it’s my third day in #everydayinspiration and today’s subject is “One-Word inspiration”. And I finally chose one.


Hope in albanian means “shpresë”. It has something in this word that makes you feel positive. Suddenly, I can breathe slowly and relieved. And I don’t even know the reason why this word makes me feel so alive. Maybe because it makes me hope for a brighter future.

She was only 18 when her father passed away. He was a victim of that war between “life” and “death”. A bloody and intense war. She used to visit him almost everyday in the hospital. The irony was that everytime she was near the hospital door, she listened to the same song, “Forever young”. And in all those lyrics, she used to say outloud “Hoping for the best but expecting the worst”. 

Noone could ever imagine that he would soon be gone to another world. Maybe a heavenly one, but still, it was way too much painful. It was hope that made them strong. Hope that he would soon be better and out of those walls who had seen the most terrible cryings and the most painful prayers. Hope that he would soon celebrate New Year’s Eve with his wife and his two daughters. There was hope until the very last moment until she saw her mom coming home, hugging her and saying with a strong mature voice “We must be stronger than ever from now on”.

Yes, she lost faith for awhile. But she never lost hope. Even today, she hopes that her father is in a better and peaceful place. She hopes he is proud of her. She hopes that her mother would soon be happy and will end those false pretendings. She hopes her sister would makes her dreams come true. She hopes…

She knows it, though. She knows that only with hard work she won’t be hoping anymore. She will finally be sure.

Don’t hope. Work hard!

See you tomorrow 🙂


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