#everydayinspiration – Day 4 “A story in a single image”

Yesterday, I found inspiration in the word “hope”. Today, I had to choose one pic and make a story out of it. And this one teased me. A girl in the wood.


Her parents died in a tragic car accident just 3 days ago when she was having wild sex with her boyfriend. The phone rang and rang but this only made her moan and come faster. It looked like that phone call was spicing up their doggy position.
After two hours she called them back but a nurse picked up her mother’s phone murmuring a consolation sentence.

She wanted to run away. She wanted to go somewhere so nobody could find her. After leaving her house full of people, started walking faster toward the forest nearby. She went far from her usual walk and couldn’t see nothing but the darkness of the woods.  There she stood, uncertain of which lane to turn to. Just in front of her she saw a beam of light. It seemed inviting.

She wanted to pursue that light. Hope! Save me, please. Take me with you.
Just when she was reaching out to catch that aquamarine light, she saw a tiny lake in front of her. The moon was kissing the surface of it  and a wooden cabin was laying nearby. The smoke from the chimney was trying to catch the clouds. Lights made her sure that somebody was inside that cabin. She didn’t care if there was a serial killer. She felt the need to go and knock on the door. Wanted to meet whoever was inside.
*knock, knock*
Someone was approaching the front door. They firstly stopped at the window, moving a bit the curtain and showing only a blue eye. Then the door was opened.
An old man, with bright blue eyes and white hair was smiling.
I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment. Come! You’re just in time for dinner.


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