He is a part of me…

He is a part of me, always will be, and I am a part of him, too. – Veronica Roth

We said goodbye in the most civilized way. We hugged each other tight and we kissed and he even did call me on my way home. As he always did. So, this “last time” wasn’t that different.
What made the difference then? Our kiss was deeper. It held everything we wanted to say. It was more passionate. It was a real-goodbye-kiss. Never forget you 🙂
Our hug was tighter. It said what we couldn’t say out loud. That I’m gonna miss him. That although he doesn’t feel as much as I do, he’s going to miss me too.

He’s going to miss our talks. We used to talk about everything. And I mean it! He’s going to miss his spoiled young girlfriend. He’s going to miss the empty side on his left. I always laid on his left, so I could fall asleep listening to my favorite lullaby. His heartbeat! He’s going to miss our spoonings, our whispers, our songs. He’s going to miss me, I know.

I will miss him, too. He had everything I was looking for. I’m going to miss our long phone calls, our selfies sent throughout the day, our voice messages. I’m going to miss facetiming to him. I’m going to miss his voice, his laugh, his scent. I’m going to miss my “lali”.

Eventually we will move on. He will find someone who will make him happy. He is one of the fewest people who truly deserves happiness. He will find someone who will love him a lot. Maybe he is a bit difficult to deal with, but if you talk to him, if you say what’s going on your mind, everything is easier. He is the best listener I’ve ever known. He does have some weird principles, which I don’t get them -_- , but that makes him SPECIAL. That makes him UNIQUE! He is my one of a kind and I want him to be happy, even without me by his side.
My baby deserves the best one can have.

Be happy, mon amiNe pas oublier notre truc “Leonie” 😛

P.S Le côté gauche est le mien 😉 😛


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