It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all love hugs. (I guess you know how much I love Jane Austen 🙂 ) Hugs can say more than our lips ever could. You can feel everything through them and it is guaranteed that you’ll feel better after giving/receiving a hug. They are so powerful, that sometimes we take them for granted.
They can be the comfort you need after a tiring and frustrating day. Through hugs you can express your grief or your happiness. You can communicate phrases like “I’ve missed you” or “I’ll miss you”.
Through hugs, you can understand the difference between being connected or totally isolated. You can feel hope or despair.

Never underestimate the power of a hug or your ability to hug someone until they catch their breath and see the possibilities they may have missed.

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Hug often! Hug well.

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Nighty night 🙂


*Cingulomania [sing-gyoo-loh-may-nee-uh] – A strong desire to hold a person in your arms.


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