Note to self

Hi there 🙂

How are you? Friday is finally here… For you guys, because for me there is no difference between Monday and Sunday :P. I’m still waiting for the winner’s list in my college to see what Master degree I’m going to attend. Shitty system, I know, but I live in Albania… Even the most unexpected thing can happen here 😛

Anyway. I went out with my younger sister, who is in her senior year (almost 18 years old). And while we were conversing about different things (she never stops surprising me), she said: “You know, Jess’, I’ll never say that I can’t do this or that. I’ll always say ‘I can!’. I have noticed that every time I say “I can’t solve this exercise in Maths (Maths isn’t in her top favorite subjects, you see 😛 ), I’m more concentrated on the idea that I really can’t do that, no matter how hard I try, that in solving the exercise.And every time I say “Okay, I can do this”, the exercise seems to go smoothly”.

And she was right!
If you feel confident, if you really believe in your abilities and yourself, you always succeed. You always do your best, no matter what.

#mypositiveOctober post for today will be the three famous sentences of Buddha.

What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create. 

So, in case you had forgotten these, then write them down and stick them somewhere where you can always see them and get motivated. 🙂

Take care guys 🙂



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