Hi there world,

As you might have noticed my posts are posted very late in the evening. It’s 11:35 pm in Albania. It’s been quite a few days that I have started a new project: translating Lady Susan in albanian 🙂 . Yes, it is very short, only 41 pages, but it’s a bit tiring. Jane Austen’s english is lovely but a bit difficult, especially nowadays. I think it’s going well and my intention is not publishing, although I wouldn’t say No! to it 😛 .

Anyway, today’s quote is:

Take time to do what makes your soul happy. 

Whether it’s a book, a cup of tea with your best friend, an old song, something written in your diary or just going for a walk with your dog. Just go for it as long as it makes you feel better and in peace with yourself 🙂 

Nighty night dear bloggers and readers all over the world 🙂



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