Almost 2 hours left

Every year before my birthday, I write on a notebook about it . How I feel, what has changed…

The thing is I am always excited for my birthday. Like a little kid waiting for his Christmas presents. And on the big day, my mood has changed from this 😀 to this 😐 .

I try to explain this: maybe I feel one year older, maybe not all my wishes have become true, maybe I’m not happy, maybe I miss some important people.

Anyway, I’m kinda excited. Gonna grow up and gonna be one step closer to real life. One step closer to fulfill my ambitions and make my dreams come true. One step closer to my future love and family. So, yes I am excited that I’ll be 22 :D. You can see it below 😛 with my little teeth shown :P.

So, I guess this is #mypositiveOctober post:

Let’s grow up and old loving, laughing and caring. Let’s live for the present and appreciate the little things in life. Life is too short to stress over things.


Take care 🙂
Lots of love,
Jess’ xx


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